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What can
PrioMemo do?

Drowning in to-do lists, appointments and information? Things get forgotten only to be remembered when they no longer matter, simply adding to the confusion. PrioMemo turns chaos into order. It lets you notify colleagues about the latest developments, as well as set reminders to pick up the kids from their extramural activities or eat those leftovers before they go off. And it doesn’t end there – streamline logistics, manage the flow of goods or back up product documentation. PrioMemo is an innovative, intelligent tool that’s on the spot to help you navigate smoothly and conveniently through your professional and personal life. As the reliable, reusable alternative to traditional sticky notes, PrioMemo is the new electronic solution that ensures you never forget a thing and can securely share information and data – plus, you don’t even have to forgo the familiarity of handwritten notes. No more muddle. You get the best of both worlds – the Internet of Things and scribbled reminders – in one device. 

PrioMemo takes notes

Using the special marker pen that comes with the device, you can write on it by hand again and again.

PrioMemo saves your notes

The device also takes electronic notes. Download the free PrioMemo app to securely transmit and access appointments and reminders via near-field communication (NFC).

PrioMemo lights up

When the time comes, there’s no turning a blind eye to the bright light-emitting diodes in three different colours that remind you about upcoming appointments as well as important messages/information. How you choose to prioritise your reminders is, however, entirely up to you. 

PrioMemo is a digital notepad

PrioMemo thinks of everything

Thanks to intelligent electronics, the PrioMemo LEDs are highly energy-efficient and won’t disturb you at night.

PrioMemo App - Digital Notepad and Memo

The PrioMemo app

PrioMemo combines the advantages of tried-and-trusted physical notes with the endless possibilities of digital communications. With its intelligent and intuitive app, PrioMemo covers all the bases, such as saving data and providing reminders, typing up messages and recording voice mail as well as linking to photos and videos. Get all these functions to sync perfectly with your life by personalising your device via the app. It couldn’t be easier. Plus, even when you don’t have PrioMemo with you, the app on your phone can still do it all.

To the app


in the product’s internal memory

Unlimited expansion

of the storage capacity via an optional connection to the cloud or a server

NFC chip

for rapid, secure connection with a smartphone

PrioMemo Pad - Jot it.  Share it.  Got it.

shares information

Data saved on PrioMemo can easily be read by any suitable NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet. If the information is sensitive, you have the option to secure it with a password. In addition, the PrioMemo app allows you to share messages, appointments and information directly by e-mail, Bluetooth, server link or cloud service. The choice is yours – and the possibilities are only really limited by what your smartphone is capable of. 

More about NFC

for businesses

Facts and figures come thick and fast in the workplace. Often, that information is only relevant in specific locations and has to be continually revised on site. With PrioMemo acting as a digital archive, data can be stored, updated and accessed right where it’s needed. That way, nothing can escape your attention because PrioMemo alerts you to any changes.


for the home

A glance at the fridge or pin board with its clutter of notes says it all – total disarray. It’s not a pretty sight. Worst of all, no one in the family even knows what’s still relevant. PrioMemo cleans up everyone’s act as well as the fridge door – and is easy on the eyes. It saves a wealth of information, plus keeps it updated and easily accessible. Appointments (from dentist visits through parents evening to excursions), reminders, messages with photos or video attachments, shopping lists – it’s all sorted, so no more frantic last-minute searches or forgetting things. And when there’s a change in plans, PrioMemo lets you know. 



via PrioMemo or use the app alone

8x8 cm

for writing notes by hand – time and again


with a choice of fastening elements allows for optimum placement in your line of sight

PrioMemo stays put with magnetic strips

Time and again, PrioMemo attaches itself where it’s needed most – here, there and everywhere. What’s more, the magnetic strip included in the box ensures it adheres to metallic surfaces.

PrioMemo stays put with fabric strips

The combination of a fabric strip and hook-and-loop fasteners means PrioMemo can be securely and conveniently positioned wherever it suits you.

PrioMemo stays put in a frame with foot

If you want PrioMemo to have a permanent home, a frame is available that can be mounted to a surface using the screws and wall plugs provided. Alternatively, the foot included in the package allows it to stand stably.