The PrioMemo app

PrioMemo combines the advantages of tried-and-trusted physical notes with the endless possibilities of digital communications. With its customisable app, PrioMemo covers all the bases, such as saving data and providing reminders, typing up messages and recording voice mail as well as linking to photos and videos. Get all these functions to sync perfectly with your life by personalising your device via the app. It couldn’t be easier. Plus, even when you don’t have PrioMemo with you, the app on your phone can still do it all.

Compatible with all smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0 and up, the PrioMemo app is available for free in the Google Play Store.

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Made for each other

It’s the perfect match – PrioMemo and the app. Developed for daily use, the app marries clarity with intuitive operation. Use it with PrioMemo or alone. Even without the device, you can log appointments and share information via e-mail, a server connection or cloud services, to name but a few options. 

Getting priorities straight

With the PrioMemo app, it’s a cinch to not only set priorities but also recognise at a glance what’s top of the agenda. That’s because PrioMemo prompts you on the spot and, if desired, also via your smartphone – even when the app is closed. If you believe having your to-dos laid out clearly and simply is half the job done, then PrioMemo is for you.

Diarising events

PrioMemo is all about flexibility. After all, no two users are the same – and nor are their diaries. Each entry in the app can accommodate a maximum of four events. Their timing, if still upcoming, is displayed as yellow, red or green. PrioMemo flashes a red, yellow or green LED accordingly as a reminder at the appropriate time. Events that have already elapsed are marked in grey.

Managing and sharing information

The choice is yours when it comes to data format. PrioMemo covers virtually all the alternatives – text messages, documents, voice messages, images and even video can be shared via the device or app. There’s also an option to protect them with a password.